Just got RPGM MV!

Made a small sample with it

This is just a small sample game I threw together in the first few hours of downloading RPG Maker MV with the pre-order pack. gngames.net/MVTestGame/

Preordered RPG Maker MV

Finally! Cross-platform game design!

I can't wait to get started making demos and games with the New RPG maker! With the new cross platform I should be able to have some games playable right here on the site!

Sky Wizards ep1

New gaming series

Started a new series on Youtube called Sky Factory: Sky Wizards. In this series me and my friend Hiro start with nothing but a tree and a single dirt and our goal is to become great wizards in the sky!

I do appologize about the poor sound quality, there were some problems recording the first 2 episodes, but I got a new computer and headset just recently, so future episodes should shound a lot better!

Star Trek Online: WTFoundry

playing player made missions

I recently started a series where I play player-created missions on Star Trek Online and see jsut how bad they are, of if theya re even bad at all.

Facebook likes!

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Finally added a Facebook like button to the site. So show us some support and like and show your friends.